Forget Bali, Phuket’s Baba Beach Club Is Your Next Luxe Party Destination
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— Updated on 8 July 2021

Forget Bali, Phuket’s Baba Beach Club Is Your Next Luxe Party Destination

— Updated on 8 July 2021
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

We’ve all seen or attended the classic of a Paradise Beach Full Moon party in all its glory, a messy affair packed with tourists all wanting to get stuck right in.

Phuket is renowned for its nightlife, the bustling streets of Patong often providing some of the best party options around. So what happens when the people behind some of the most high-end accommodation on the island come together to create a premium resort that redefines the way the place looks at partying? The result is Baba Beach Club.

Ironically, Baba Beach Club is actually not located on Phuket. Rather, it takes a short drive over the bridge from the airport to hit the area, a slightly isolated option from the rest.

Opening in 2019, the resort presents itself as the ultimate luxurious party destination and we were lucky enough to hit it during the off-season to see what all the fuss was about.

The majority of the Baba complex is centred around an epic day club area which flows into a beach, with reception backing this space as any normal hotel would. Unfortunately to check-in, you literally have to hop straight off the main road, with no pull in area or grand entrance. So it’s not the most welcoming of environments for the premium traveller, to say the least.

While the two-bedroom luxury pool villas are quite the attractive offering, we soon discover that this type of accommodation sits quite far back from the beach. To get anywhere beachside from your space means crossing from the opposite end of the main road into the reception, not the best conditions to deal with if trying to relax in paradise.

Not that there’s need to frequent the pool, as each villa comes with its own infinity plunge pool fit for a king. We were lucky enough to stay in a two-bedroom villa, with the main bedroom’s wrap-around sliding door leading right out into the water.

Everything is tastefully appointed with a modern touch; contrasting tropical Thai wood vibes against polished concrete. Each bedroom is well-sized, with oversized bathrooms and wardrobe areas making them really feel like their own apartment spaces. The master definitely takes all the perks, with a freestanding bath and 180-degree views of the pool area tied together nicely with a spectacular feature ceiling.

The lounge room and kitchen are also massive spaces to spread out in, allowing for some serious R&R when the heat or rain outside gets to be too much. However, it’s guaranteed you’ll be spending most of your time outside at the main complex.

Themed with classic Thai design, the pool area features the usual waterside bar setting alongside an elevated platform that can sit above the crowds (and peasants) if be. The cocktails are efficient, what you’d usually expect from a top-end venue. Paired with the Baba Beach restaurant, which focuses on homely Thai classics, both options will keep you truly satisfied. The short stroll through the palms to the beach also greets you with a pleasant option for dipping and tanning, with the deckchairs scattered throughout the growth.

However, the most important thing to remember with Baba is the partying. After recently coming off hosting renowned dance party Circoloco, the resort is coming thick and fast with a huge amount of world-class talent and events to truly appreciate. The roster is constantly being updated so check out the site to choose which acts to get around and in no time you’ll be poolside listening to some serious tunes.

Taking it all in, Baba is certainly a special option for your next Thai vacation. Although slightly isolated and away from the main bustle, it presents itself as a solid party option for those looking to move away from the usual, dirtier party scene and let loose in style.

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