The (Apparently) Cheapest Countries To Score Drugs, Alcohol, & Cigarettes

The (Apparently) Cheapest Countries To Score Drugs, Alcohol, & Cigarettes

We all know that mate that goes to Peru for the “culture”, with an emphasis on the capital C, or the Netherlands for the “Anne Frank museum”. But have you ever wondered where in the world you can score the cheapest um… culture, and… ah, Anne Frank museums?

Bloomberg has just recently reported a list of the cheapest places in the world for both licit and illicit substances. How they came up with that, who knows. But suffice it to say, more than a few of us wouldn’t mind that guy’s job. 

Luxembourg has been crowned the reigning champ, where it apparently only costs 10% of the $2,071 average weekly take-home to get a fix and calm the nerves (must be nice…). Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, France, and the Bahamas filled out the rest of the top five list. And quite unsurprisingly.

The (Apparently) Cheapest Countries To Score Drugs, Alcohol, & Cigarettes

On the adverse, the most expensive places in the world to get on it is lead by the mother country of Russia, shortly followed by Ghana, Albania, Thailand, and Japan.  

Not that we should be particularly proud of this, but this next thing is an achievement nonetheless. “… In absolute terms…”, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan were the only three countries whose gross weekly “vice” cost exceeded $1,000. 

Sydney, my dear, you are damn expensive.

To close, we at Boss Hunting would like to state we do not condone the use of illicit substances, nor are we encouraging it… 

… but we would also like to say, look, we’re here for a good time, not a long time.