First Look: Singapore Airlines' Slick New First Class Suites

The battle for luxury seat war supremacy has taken another turn towards Asia this morning as Singapore Airlines revealed their A380 revamp.
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The battle for luxury seat war supremacy has taken another turn towards Asia this morning as Singapore Airlines revealed their entire A380 revamp set to take over their current class offerings.

The centrepiece of the reveal were naturally the extremely luxe First Class 'Suites,' a project that involved four years of execution from planning to implementation.


Only six suites will be available up front on the plane's upper deck, as opposed to the previous dozen found on the lower deck until now. A single, wide centre aisle rather than twin aisle configuration will maximise space and allow for plenty of activities inside the hotly revamped hotel-style rooms.

Despite having pioneered the super-jumbo over a decade ago, Singapore where quickly 'overtaken' by airlines such as Emirates and Etihad who were eager to play up the excessive luxury card in their top-tier class offerings. Singapore have taken their time, however, and have produced a classically minimal and less theatrical ambience within their segmented First Class suites.

Guests will find that the plush swivel chair is entirely separate to the bed and an Ottoman-style stool is available for visitors or dinner guests. Sliding privacy doors currently seen on Emirates and Etihad are also an added feature, although the partition between suites can also be removed in the case of Singapore - a handy option for couples or companions travelling together.

David Flynn of the Australian Business Traveller who attended the launch of the new suites shared his thoughts on Singapore Airline's eventual arrival to the party.

"Singapore Airlines' brand ethos is conservative Asian elegance – there's no beating of the chest, no ostentatious indulgences in brass and faux walnut-effect plastic mouldings," quoted Flynn when comparing Singapore's style to its flashier counterparts in the Gulf.

"Emirates has a lot of look-at-me appeal. Etihad and Qatar Airways both have very considered and highly contemporary in-flight products, but as a rule all three Gulf carriers have been outpacing the Asian airlines in seats, services and lounges for several years."

Just what exactly Singapore's next step will be may define the next decade of luxury air travel, and only time will tell if Singapore Airlines will find the space in the market to take back the crown of First Class air travel.

The design overhaul also extended to Singapore's Business Class cabin, the photos of which are below, with all new classes expected to begin flying next month.