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Qantas First Class Relaunch 2

The Full Qantas A380 First Class Experience Returns This Weekend

After almost two years of lingering in limbo, the coveted Qantas A380 First Class experience is ready to once again…

Qantas first class lounge new zealand trans tasman flights

Qantas First Class Lounges Reopening In Time For Trans-Tasman Bubble

Now that quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand is right around the corner, our national carrier is celebrating by…

Cathay Pacific Reveals New First Class Concepts

Although a highly anticipated fleet of 21 Boeing 777-9s for Cathay Pacific won’t be delivered for at least another four…

Casey Neistat Takes Us Onboard Etihad’s ‘The Residence’

A round-trip flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi will cost a touch over $40,000 for one person.

Inside Qantas’ Brand New Singapore First Class Lounge

The long-awaited first lounge looks very impressive.

American Airlines Once Offered Lifetime First Class Travel For US$250K

One purchaser flew over 61 million kilometres.

Take A Look Inside Qantas’ Fully Refreshed A380 Cabin

Yesterday the first fully updated A380 took to the skies, flying from Sydney to London via Singapore.

You Can Fly First Class For Economy Prices With This Private Airline

[Plays “Good Life”]

Look Inside Airbus’ New ‘Day & Night’ First Class Suites

This new, two-zone concept is for their A350 & A380 aircraft, which aims to replicate how flyers would experience their regular day at home.

5 Of The Most Exclusive Airline Lounges In The World

You’ve been invited. You’re a somebody. You’re important. Here are six exclusive airline lounges you probably didn’t know about.

First Look: Singapore Airlines’ Slick New First Class Suites

The battle for luxury seat war supremacy has taken another turn towards Asia this morning as Singapore Airlines revealed their A380 revamp.

A Look Back Through Time At The Boeing 747’s Luxury Lounges & Bars

The early Boeing 747 was the pinnacle of air travel, take a look though the luxury bars and restaurants aboard the Queen of the Skies.