Here’s How Much An Average Night Out Costs Around The World

For the majority of your youth (or until you hit that maturing point in the mid-thirties), potential travel destinations will be heavily dictated by two key aspects. First and foremost, the quality of the nightlife, followed very closely by the general cost of living. Exploring the prospects just got a whole lost easier thanks to the good folks at Statista

The assessment, as it were, took the following into account:

  • Club entry
  • An optimistic count of a mere two drinks 
  • Taxi/Uber ride
  • And yes, a late night burger/Big Mac (gotta respect the Maccas run)

Collating the data from a study undertaken by UBS, the results were quite unsurprising. Mexico City came in as one of cheapest, but do remember life is even cheaper in some parts of town… so fair warning. 

European and US cities lead the charge for priciest nights out, given their cover charge culture, with Sydney landing somewhere in the middle in the mix of things. 

The dark horse for this competition of good ‘n’ cheap times was none other than the frosty winterland that is Moscow. So you might want to consider stopping by Mother Russia to cut loose and do some voluntary liver damage. 

Check out the infographic below: