FIRST LOOK: Inside Western Sydney’s New $5.3 Billion International Airport

FIRST LOOK: Inside Western Sydney’s New $5.3 Billion International Airport

The world has just received its first look inside Western Sydney’s new international airport, backed by an approximate investment of AU$5.3 billion. 

From the minds of London’s Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with Sydney’s own Cox Architecture, the proposed terminals are set to be located in Badgerys Creek, and already, the Federal Government has hailed this entire operating concept as a “once-in-a-generation infrastructure project coming to life”.

As per the renderings, the current design is taking a new-age approach to the built environment. Leaning away from the concrete heavy structures of your more traditional Sydney Airports, your LAXs, or even your Hong Kong Internationals, the proposed Western Sydney Terminals will boast of greenery, landscaped vertical gardens, a public plaza, timber ceilings, glass panels, and natural lighting. 

All the usual features of retail fronts, restaurants, and even entertainment spaces will also be present. The objective of the exterior appearance has reportedly been to complement the natural landscapes of NSW.  

Western Sydney International Airport will soon become the largest gateway to Australia, with an estimated completion date pencilled in for some time in 2026.

The airport’s official flight paths are scheduled to become available for public access in 2021. In the meantime, why not read up on how you can get the most out of your travel?

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