The Most Instagram Worthy Locations In Australia According To You

The Most Instagram Worthy Locations In Australia According To You

This land of ours never ceases to amaze. Whether you’ve been here for a day or a decade, it’s quite clear that the views are one-of-a-kind. Instagram recently revealed the most popular spots for a snapshot, according to you and your geo-tags.

Here are the most Instagram worthy locations around Australia, broken down state by state.

NSW: Bondi Beach

VIC: St Kilda Beach

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ACT: Lake Burley Griffin


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A note from Walshy on the day that we hijack the @cntraveler Instagram account: When you visit Earth, from whatever planet you're from, if you have eyes you will notice that life on that wet blue/green planet mostly does the same things: feeding and breathing for energy; fucking and breeding and trying to stay alive and keep broods alive. But one group, a not especially fast or strong or diverse group does something that no other group does. They make marks and noise for an ambiguous purpose. They draw in the sand, or they play in a band, they shape and they fashion and they hew and they whittle. The outcome of all this endeavour, this art, this needs explanation. Since they accrue elite examples in museums, a museum seems like a reasonable place to seek an understanding of why they do it, why they make art. But which one? Not the big ones that seek to reinforce the status of governments, those organisations that subvert natural processing by imposing overarching order. And not the little, quirky ones that seek to connect outliers with other outliers. What you need, to garner insight into art, is a big/little museum that engages and attracts diversity, that expresses matter-of-factly, that displays art without imposing an undermining layer of interpretation. When you land your spaceship on the tennis court it will attract no particular scrutiny. Afterall, to the denizens of planet Mona, it will be just another art installation. #MyAustralia Photo by @monsieurremi P.S. #Monamuseum is back to the status quo after #Mofo2016 this Monday.

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SA: Adelaide Oval

WA: Rottnest Island

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NT: Uluru

QLD: Surfer’s Paradise Beach