This Luxurious 19-Room Japanese Cruise Lets You Explore In Style

Ever wanted to sail the seas in a way that matches the minimal aesthetics of Japanese style? Well a new offering called Guntû allows you to traverse the gorgeous seascape location of Setouchi in Japan. Named after local small blue crabs that inhabit the area, the 19-room cruise features immaculate rooms which boast epic views of the surrounding mountains and sea.

The ship is designed by Yasube Horibe to replicate a traditional Japanese inn, meaning that classic clean wooden interior are proudly on display. The main dining room also offers a nice mix of dishes, along with sushi counter that serves freshly caught seafood. For now, guests can now choose from six different routes around the Seto Inland Sea. Check out pics of it above and Guntû’s site for more details. While you’re at it peep more travel news here.