Jay Alvarrez & Alexis Ren: Making Us Envious Once Again

There are many qualities Jay Alvarrez possesses that undoubtedly make most men envious. If one made a list, it would go something like this: abs, beach living, holidays & swimmin’, Instagram fame, skydivin’, and now the kicker: his model girlfriend (by choice – not an aforementioned possession) Alexis Ren. Together Jay & Alexis are the hottest couple on Instagram. They’re young, beautiful, and in chase of the endless summer in beautiful exotic coastline locations.

From a wardrobe consisting of only bikini’s to a landscape only found in the exotic, these young beach-crossed lovers are living life how it should be. Jay also seems to be quite the talented filmmaker, with his latest video Girl Of My Dreams mixing his girlfriend muse with his beloved coastlines and crisp underwater and surfing footage.

Jay and Alexis’ lives are so seemingly perfect right now that they swim freely with sharks and stingrays without a worry in the world. So is the symmetry between nature, love, and beauty in line that even when Jay dives from a boat into the ocean he manages to capture footage of a dolphin swimming freely below the water.

While most of us will be jealous that we are trapped in average jobs and urban jungles, hopefully there is a piece of us that can be happy that at least someone is living the ultimate dream.