Les Dunes Electroniques Is A 30-Hour Desert Rave At A ‘Star Wars’ Film Site

We’ll be surprised if Tunisia was already in your next holiday plans, If so -or if you’re equally as keen of a raver as you are a Star Wars fan – then the bizarre ‘Les Dunes Electroniques’ festival will be right up your alley.

‘Les Dunes Electroniques’ is a 30-hour non-stop rave at Luke Skywalker’s fictional home of Mos Espa in the deserts of Tatooine, which in reality is a village at the edge of Tunisia’s southern desert of Ong Jmel in North Africa.

Debuting in 2014, the event – a joint project from the Handicrafts of the Republic of Tunisia and the country’s Ministry of Tourism – features 30 local and international artists from the electronic scene across three whole days.

Tickets for Les Dunes start from AU$72. Find out more over at dunes-electronics.com.

Get a sneak preview of the rave in the teaser below.

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