Regional Holidays In NSW Will Be Permitted From June 1

Regional Holidays In NSW Will Be Permitted From June 1

Regional holidays in NSW has just been given the green light starting June 1st – “for any reason”. Welcome news, no doubt, to the countless New South Welshman currently under lockdown.

According to the ABC, while Premier Gladys Berejiklian remains “cautious”, the state government is clearly confident enough in the overall progress of the COVID-19 situation to lift these restrictions. The situation will, however, be monitored very closely. So if we all misbehave or, God forbid, the population sees a resurgence – it’s back in our boxes.

While the intrastate travel restriction may be eased, it’s unlikely that state borders will open for some time. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk estimates that Queensland will not open for business, or so to speak, until September at the earliest. Premier Steven Marshall has expressed similar sentiments about South Australia.

“Please take extra care in planning ahead, booking online, and making sure you keep away from large crowds, and protect your friends and your family as you are holidaying,” says Premier Berejiklian.

“We want people to enjoy themselves, to feel free, but nothing we do is the same during a pandemic.”

Expect more official announcements about the matter today. In the meantime, crack out the old road directory – slash Google Maps – and start thinking long and hard about where might be a safe and enjoyable location to hunker down for your NSW regional holidays.

All that’s left now for the bare-bone essentials of a good time? Reopening pubs, clubs, and eateries in earnest. But again, it’ll certainly take some time – and understandably so.