Pacifico: Watch Two Aussies Spend 2 Years Driving 50,000KM Through South America

In 2013, two Melbourne mates Christian Gibson and Chris Gooley, set out on the adventure of a lifetime with the grand ambition of driving from San Francisco to Patagonia. Chronicling their adventures along the way, the pair passaged through Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, The Galapagos Islands, Chile and Peru covering some 50,000km in total.

Pacifico is told from the perspective of two average blokes who just wanted something different out of life and provides some spectacular visuals of surfing, fishing, and life on the South American continent.

Currently in post production, Gibson and Gooley are currently raising money to help put the finishing touches on Pacifico. To find out more or to donate, check out their Kickstarter page – to boot, they’re also going to use the funds to plant 100,000 trees in Madagascar. Legends.