Melbourne Is Getting A New Rooftop Pool Club This Summer

Melbourne Is Getting A New Rooftop Pool Club This Summer

Some have welcomed it as the first in the country. It’s not, relax. Sydney currently hosts a half-arsed crack at the concept with both The Ivy and Double Bay’s Intercontinental Rooftop. But one thing’s for sure, it’s definitely Melbourne’s first attempt, and we’re hoping it’ll be a solid one at that.

I know what you’re thinking. Damn, they better have a rooftop cover and 24/7 heaters if this is going to survive in Melbourne. The Reunion Island Pool Club, as it has been announced, looks to be a strictly summer operation starting from sometime around October. That being said, during Spring Carnival last November it was 12 degrees. So don’t hold your breath for a sweltering summer kick off straight away.

Melbournians have been promised a multi-purpose space atop the former St. Jerome’s Hotel featuring palm trees, plunge pools, recreation facilities (hopefully a kitted out spa/sauna set-up) and, of course, a bar.

The man behind the magic, Jerome Borazio says that “Essentially, Reunion Island is an evolved vision of St. Jerome’s, the hotel. It’s a modern-day pool club with all the nostalgic trimmings of a local public pool. We wanted to create space which evokes memories of childhood summer holidays.”

Reunion Island will be open from 7 am, for the likes of rooftop yoga session and pilates, right up until 11 pm for some sauced-up summer sessions with music and good times.

Stay tuned for more over at their website.