Do It Different During Singapore’s 2020 Grand Prix Season
— 26 December 2019

Do It Different During Singapore’s 2020 Grand Prix Season

— 26 December 2019
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Boss Hunting

We’re always keen for an F1 race and a party, so what happens when you get the best of both worlds? Singapore’s GP season in September is the epitome of an awesome time and we got to explore it all. 

Having worked on an exciting campaign with them earlier this year, it was nice to finally bring things full circle as an invite to explore all Singapore had to offer came through. But rather than focusing on what we were able to do at the track, we took a different tact to experience the destination at it’s most hyped time of the year. We’ve taken you through Singapore’s top food and drink options before, so now is the chance to explore the perfect racing activity accompaniments to really get the adrenaline pumping. 

Engine Starter… The MegaZip

Whilst the F1 cars may go around the track at 250 km/h, here’s your chance to experience top speed and a quick getaway from the bustle of the city. Located on Sentosa Island, Singapore’s resort getaway, the MegaZip is a 450m run to the bottom with a small gap spanning over the ocean. Featuring sweeping views over the island and Singapore, it’s the perfect way to feel the rush before getting anywhere near the track. A part of Mega Adventure Park, it can feel like a gimmick to some but the jungle adventure is a nice backdrop in contrast to the chaos of the city.  

Pre-Game… Brass Lion Distillery 

After gunning down the hills of Sentosa, you might need something to take the edge off before you hit the track. Conceived back in 2012, Brass Lion distillery has been on a 6-year journey to create a spirit that best represents Singapore. With the end goal of bottling whisky, the current gin offering is not to be missed. Hit up their space in Alexandra Terrace to fit in a tasting and get a sample of their signature Singapore Dry gin or their Instagram trendy purple/blue Butterfly Pea gin, all distilled right in front of you. There’s even a chance to create your own in their newest offering Gin School, where the guys will teach you the art behind the perfect gin and let you concoct your own unique flavours to take home. The perfect way to waste an afternoon mixing ingredients for your next signature drink. 

Between Laps… The Karting Arena @ Bukit Timah 

Observe the tricks used by the world’s best and put them to good use at Singapore’s first electric kart circuit. With better acceleration and handling than their pertrol counterparts, it may not be a V10 but the tight track is more than enough to test your skills. Book in a Grand Prix package and try to replicate what you’ve just seen against your mates. Considering the best ever lap time was set on Singapore’s qualifying day this year, there’s a definitive correlation between seeing the F1 greats live and the best race you’ll ever have. 

Kick Ons… Singapore Sidecars 

Get into the glamour of a sidecar with an up-close tour around the track, ducking through Singapore’s evening traffic with your body crammed into a hilariously small seat. While not the most comfortable ride for anyone near 6 feet, it’s a surreal experience to see the roads from ground level. The towering barriers surrounding the F1 turns look even more intimidating from below and you’ll notice things you normally wouldn’t give attention to, all whilst feeling like a superstar as people stare and point out your entourage’s cluster of colourful vehicles. It may not have the hype of an F1 but it sure does draw some eyes. 

To Finish… Kampong Glam Precinct Party 

Finish strong and explore the local nightlife of Singapore just away from the hecticness of the main track with the precinct block party. Cram your mouth full of delicious street food or sit down to enjoy live entertainment performances from Singapore’s best, all within the tight streets of the Kampong Glam. With performance this year from top acts DJ Titus, Havana Social Club and Ground Up, it’s a free entry party that’ll really get you in the hustle and bustle of the Singaporean streets. 

Best of all, it’s only a short walk from the F1 after qualifying. But if you’re looking for something to spice up your night after Grand Prix day itself, hit up the Clarke Quay Precinct Party on Sunday night along with 2 others in Changi Airport and Orchard Road . The perfect way to wrap up your weekender. 

Keen to book in for 2020? Cop a 4-night package from $1,709 here

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