Exploring South Australia Is Where The Unexpected Is Always Part Of The Plan

Exploring South Australia Is Where The Unexpected Is Always Part Of The Plan

Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon


As much as we all love to plan the details of any holiday, it’s easy to admit that most of the time, it’s the unplanned events we remember most fondly. These unexpected moments are the ones South Australia excels in, with even the most rock-solid of itineraries getting better as soon as the first spontaneous moment arrives.

Any well-seasoned journey-maker will tell you, this isn’t simply the stoicism of “rolling with the punches” required for any travelling holiday, but an affirming philosophy that “anything can happen if you’re up for anything.” It’s the new friends you make at the bar, the incredible local bakery you found after making a wrong turn, and so many more memory-making moments that weren’t in the spreadsheet.

A more concrete analogy might be the difference between a painting and a photograph: the photograph is uncompromising in its realistic depiction of a scene, while a painting might only aim to give an impression. In the same way, a travel destination is the impression you’re looking to create, which doesn’t need a rigid plan of how to get there for serendipitous magic to happen.

South Australia unexpected

This approach to travelling was almost made for South Australia, especially the remarkable natural beauty of the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula. No matter which roads you take, you’re in for a treat. 

Nail Your Adventure To The Spontaneous State

After landing in Adelaide, the Eyre Peninsula is only a day’s drive away and home to some of the most spectacular landscapes, food, and experiences you can hope to enjoy.

As you begin to make your way around the peninsula, your first stop should be in Port Lincoln and Boston Bay. Its raw beauty and natural charm remain undiscovered by most Australians — even those who’ve travelled to South Australia before.

South Australia unexpected

Drink in the salty sea air, sprint down the golden sand beaches and swim in the protected turquoise waters. No plan at all is still a plan when you’re on the Eyre Peninsula.

Get ready to dive into the deep end of South Australia’s majesty, trust us, there’s plenty to entertain, ranging from the adrenaline rushing to the serene. 

South Australia unexpected

Beginning The Adventure

To start on the more tranquil end of the scale, a trip to Coffin Bay should be on everyone’s bucket list, both for the world-class oysters and the picturesque, welcoming town itself.

Obviously, getting in the Maldives-rivalling water is an absolute must, and what better way to do that than Coffin Bay’s Scuba Co, which promises a trip under the surface unlike any you might have experienced on Australia’s east coast. From sealife-rich reefs to shipwrecks, you’ll want to bring a waterproof camera. A scuba tank isn’t a prerequisite for a charmed day below the surface, however, a snorkelling trip swimming with the sea lions is an incredible way to encounter the local puppies of the sea.

One In A Lifetime Thrills

Another special activity sure to elevate your heart rate is cage diving with great white sharks — Coffin Bay is one of the few places in the world where this is even possible. Sure, this is one of the few things to do where you don’t want the unexpected to happen, but that doesn’t mean coming face-to-face with an ocean apex predator is something you want to miss out on. If above water is more your thing, a sunset fishing charter is the perfect way to farewell any day.

Where To Go When The Fuel Light Is On

After a busy day relishing the calm waters of Coffin Bay, you’ve more than earned your next meal. While oysters aren’t the only reason to visit the Eyre Peninsula, if you love super fresh seafood a trip to the Coffin Bay Oyster Farm for a tasting tour is a feast you won’t forget in a hurry. Wetting your whistle is simple too, with the folks at Beer Garden Brewing serving up some tasty brews to quench your thirst after a day in the salt water.

Travelling with the approach of “anything can happen if you’re up for anything” doesn’t exclude planning your accommodation. If you’re keen to uncover the natural landscape in all its beauty, the Lincoln National Park is the ideal place to set up a camping site. It’s right near the Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area, which you can explore during the day. If you’re after a soft bed and cooking facilities while also enjoying views that belong on a postcard, then Camel Beach House is the spot you should book.

Throw your passport away because all the adventure you could ever handle is waiting for you in South Australia and its unique Eyre Peninsula should be at the top of your list. After all, expecting the unexpected is a way of life in South Australia.

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