Stay In Sydney’s First Floating Hotel Suite This Weekend

While your girlfriend might say she doesn’t mind you heading down the local every single Saturday night, in truth she actually wouldn’t mind if you two did something a little spontaneous from time to time.

Fortunately, this weekend sees the arrival of the aptly named ‘Spontaneity Suite’, Sydney’s first floating hotel suite, available for two nights only when it drops in price from $36,000 per night to $99.

The room has been brought to life by last minute hotel booking app HotelTonight, is made up of two 20ft shipping containers refitted to the highest standard, and of course includes an obligatory rooftop jacuzzi.

The lucky couples who manage to snag the ‘Spontaneity Suite’ will be taken by boat to the secret mooring location and treated to a night of luxury on the water serviced by Ovolo Hotels.

To book, open the HotelTonight app between 12 and 2pm on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November.

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