This Costa Rican Villa Is The Slickest Holiday Home Around

This Costa Rican Villa Is The Slickest Holiday Home Around

There are holiday houses, and then there is Indios Desnudos.

Taking its name from the native flora found on Costa Rica’s Papagayo peninsula, the angular constructed villa showcases the unbelievable talent of the Cañas brothers, the architectural masterminds behind design firm Cañas Arquitectos.

The home’s nature-bound setting was the focal point of this design process, with the aim to integrate indoor and outdoor living as much as possible. Spaces inside the house, including the gigantic open-plan living room on the ground floor, seamlessly blend into the outdoor area, which boasts an infinity pool with a jetty-like walkway and clean entertaining lounge area.

The lines-based design is mirrored upstairs, which includes connecting bridges that take the place of any ceiling between the first and second floors. The incredible architectural feats of the design duo extend to everything from the intricacies of the bathroom to the sweeping views you’ll see from every position in the villa.

We’ll let the visuals in the gallery above speak for themselves.