Four Seasons Driving Experiences Are Racing Through European Alps & Napa Valley This Year
— 13 February 2023

Four Seasons Driving Experiences Are Racing Through European Alps & Napa Valley This Year

— 13 February 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

After curating a luxury Four Seasons driving experience in Tuscany last year, the famed hotel group has announced two similar itineraries for luxury travellers and sports car enthusiasts. It’s not often that a vaunted high-end hotel group acts as a bonafide travel operator, so it appears Four Seasons has found a new way to satisfy well-heeled travellers – throwing them behind the wheel of a sports car and sending them off on multi-day itineraries in some of the world’s most picturesque locations.

While Tuscany was the testing ground for this new concept, it appears Four Seasons still has plenty of room to play around with different drive days. This year, the hotel group will curate driving experiences around the European Alps and Napa Valley, using their respective properties as launch-pads for the ultimate road trip, taking guests through multiple top-tier restaurants and local experiences, scattered in between time spent behind the wheel of a luxury car.

To keep things simple, here are both Stay & Drive itineraries laid out for you so you can decide whether or not it’s worth heading along to either Four Seasons Resort & Residences Napa Valley or Four Seasons Hotel Geneva to take part in these epic driving experiences.

Four Seasons Geneva

The first cab off the rank is Four Seasons Geneva, which will be hosting a Four Seasons driving experience from June 12 through June 18.

As one of the most acclaimed hotels in Geneva, basing yourself here would be a delight in itself but it sounds like what follows will be truly epic, with drivers heading through Gruyere Village – home of its namesake cheese – before touring Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, leaning about watchmaking, driving through Chateau d’Avully, having a session of a Medieval wine estate and ending up at Four Seasons Hotel Megeve.

You’re between two of the most well-regarded hotels in Continental Europe here, and with all that action sandwiched in between, it’s looking like the Four Seasons driving itinerary is one of 2023’s hottest luxury experiences for sure.

Four Seasons Resort & Residences Napa Valley

Four Seasons’ driving tour makes its American debut by tasking guests with a seven-day road trip around the bountiful Napa Valley. Of course, wine is going to be involved here so the schedule is packed appropriately with dates from October 29 to November 4.

Guests start at the Four Seasons in Napa Valley, serving as the base while guests drive out in all sorts of directions to explore the famed wine-making region. The second day heads on over to Tomales Bay for hands-on oyster farming and a gourmet lunch, kicking off a packed few days that includes experiences at Napa’s most exclusive wineries, including Opus One. You’ll also head down to San Francisco for a private ferry tour of the bay and a hot-air balloon ride over Napa. Not bad.

Four Seasons driving experience

So Much Does It Cost?

Obviously, the Four Seasons driving itineraries won’t come cheap. And yet, pricing hasn’t been made available. The rate for each experience will be upon application, so you’d need to either e-mail [email protected] or give the group a call on EU +39 052 2421 096 and US +1 831 521 5190.

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