Pablo Escobar’s Former Tulum Mansion Is Now a Five-Star Resort

What does one do with billions and billions of dollars? Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was faced with just that dilemma as he rose to become one of the world’s richest men. Building enormous mansions in world-class beach towns doesn’t seem like a bad place to start.

Built prior to his death in 1993, Escobar’s Tulum mansion was abandoned and lay untouched until 2003. It wasn’t until 2012 that prominent New York art dealer Lio Malca got to work restoring the property to its former glory.

With 24 rooms, the boutique hotel doubles as an art-gallery with exquisite paintings, sculptures and furniture worthy of a New York art gallery. Fancy living like the Don himself? Prices start from $500 per night and judging by the photos, it looks to be worth every penny.