The Langham New York Review: Are These NYC’s Biggest Luxury Hotel Rooms?
— 14 August 2023

The Langham New York Review: Are These NYC’s Biggest Luxury Hotel Rooms?

— 14 August 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Boasting some of the biggest suites in the Big Apple, The Langham New York is a standout option when you’re looking for luxury hotels on Fifth Avenue.

Initially built in 2010 as The Setai Fifth Avenue, only to rebrand under Langham Hospitality Group in 2013, this 57-floor hotel is one of the area’s most in-demand. That’s primarily because, as above, the rooms are notably large for Manhattan: with average sizes around 70 sq m and some apartment-size options ideal for longer stays. Not only that but The Langham’s lack of soaring skyline views is rectified by in-your-face views of The Empire State Building.

As such, when you’re booking, make sure to try and get an Empire State view. The floor-to-ceiling windows really slap you with those direct views of New York’s most iconic building, which is so close that waking up with the curtains wide open is worth to price of admission alone.

But more on the room below, let’s get into this review.

The Langham New York





  • Massive guest rooms
  • Direct views of the Empire State Building from bed
  • Top-tier service


  • All spaces outside of the rooms can feel rather cramped when busy
  • Rooms may not be sufficiently sound-proofed
  • Not the most exciting part of Fifth Avenue

The Langham New York Review


Suites at The Langham face the Empire State Building (Photo by Chris Singh)

The Langham New York is located on Fifth Avenue between W 36th and W 37th. Standing tall on ritzy Fifth Avenue is prestigious enough, even though you’ll find that this building isn’t exactly amongst the long strip’s most renowned boutiques. That’s fine. New York is a walking city. But if you’re one of those people who demands all the big brands right at your doorstep then you may need to adjust expectations.

The lovely Bryant Park is just four blocks away and you’re also a short walk to Penn Station, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building and Times Square. Most of these are within the ordained radius for the hotel’s house car, a Jaguar XJL. If you’re cutting things close on a quick business trip, then try to make use of this gorgeous first-come, first-serve chauffeur service.

If you’re looking to explore wider New York City then take note that you’ve got several subway stops nearby, offering just about every letter you’re going to need throughout your trip.

So while The Langham is off-centre for Fifth Avenue, it’s still in an exceptionally convenient location.

Design & Features

The stylish Club Lounge (Photo by The Langham New York)

Although The Langham sits in the same upper echelon as big names like The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis and The Peninsula, the brand hasn’t had a presence in NYC until this past decade. As such, this is a new build rather than a heritage takeover, which is a shame since the deep sense of connection to New York City usually comes from posting yourself up at Manhattan’s most iconic buildings.

There’s no sense of occasion you’d get from entering the building like you would at The Peninsula or The Plaza. The diminutive lobby isn’t very exciting, aesthetically, either. Shades of chocolate brown and white marble host original works by local artist Alex Katz and help build up a slick, sophisticated profile; but there’s nothing really exciting about the hotel until you get up into those guest rooms.

The amenities are similarly minimalistic. Although there are few to write about. The hotel’s signature restaurant, a French and Italian kitchen called Ai Fiori, is a stylish spot for an award-winning set menu. And the club lounge is both spacious and simple, with several different areas for more privacy. There is, however, no spa, which is rare for an NYC hotel of this calibre.


My Junior Suite at The Langham New York (Photo by Chris Singh)

Again, massive. My Junior Suite with an Empire State view is a whopping 83 square metres. To put that in perspective, the average size of a hotel room in NYC is around 27 square metres. If you want oversized living areas and open-plan bedrooms with equally generous bathrooms, this is your hotel. That goes double with you’re wanting an apartment-style room with a kitchenette.

Much like the building itself, there are very few embellishments in the rooms. You’ve got tasteful original art and a clean, neutral palette for a very well-dressed, proper look. There’s nothing wrong with that. Elegance and simplicity are closely associated with The Langham brand and that approach is very much intact for the company’s sole New York property.

Storage space is as abundant as the living area. Just before I get to the palatial bathroom with its massive standalone marble tub and equally large rain shower, there are numerous dark paneled shelves and storage racks so everything can be tucked away neatly. I’m only here for two nights so don’t make much use of this, but I can imagine anyone in it for a longer-term stay would very much appreciate having all their belongings stored without any visual interruptions to the bedroom area.

The best part about the room is waking up with the curtains wide open. Although I don’t think the rooms must be soundproofed nearly enough for this very active area, once I emerge from the supremely comfortable king bed the best wake-up call I could ask for is waiting for me. A direct view of the Empire State Building reminds me of my exact location, and is much more potent than anything the room’s Nespresso machine could serve me.

Food & Drink

(Photo by The Langham New York)

From my experience with the brand, The Langham never really overdoes it when it comes to food and drink outlets. Consider this another reminder of the minimalistic approach, with the aforementioned Italian-leaning kitchen Ai Fiori holding its own amongst New York’s superlative hotel restaurants like Dowling’s at The Carlyle and The Regency Bar & Grill at Lowes Regency Hotel.

Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to dine there myself but have noted that Ai Fiori is a frequent presence on “best of” lists from the likes of Time Out New York and Eater.

I did, however, manage to fit in breakfast at The Langham’s modest club lounge. A buffet, as you’d expect, and a damn good one at that too with various premium produce offered alongside a live eggs-your-way station. Get the omelette with everything and your day will start off just right.


The generous tub in a Junior Suite (Photo by Chris Singh)

Accommodating without being in your face. This is the kind of service I like, but as I’ve written in a few hotel reviews before, what I really notice is whether I feel like a guest or a number when I check in. Fortunately, it was very much the former.

One thing I find very entertaining at high-end New York hotels is how dramatic the doormen are whenever you ask them to hail a cab. They will literally run onto the street and stop traffic if need be, in order to get you a taxi as soon as possible.

Verdict & Value

The Langham New York Review
One of the more expensive suites (Photo by The Langham New York)

According to TripAdvisor, a room at The Langham would start from around AU$1,009. I’d consider myself very lucky if I found a lead-in category room at that price point, but looking at the hotel’s official website it seems like that price pops up several times in shoulder season. That’s really not bad at all considering the high standards of comfort and service at The Langham New York.

However, you’re mostly just paying for a room. There aren’t many amenities at The Langham that could put it on the same level as some of the city’s finest like The Plaza, with its famous Palm Court, or The Pierre, with its palpable high-society history and jaw-dropping Rotunda dining room.

The Langham’s lack of personality and connection to New York City is rectified by large living spaces and impeccable hospitality. If that’s all you need, then this is easily a top pick in the Big Apple and a property that aligns well with The Langham brand.

The Langham New York – Details

Address: 400 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018
Contact: +1 212-695-4005

Rates at The Langham New York start from around AU$1,009 per night.

The author, Chris Singh, stayed as a guest of The Langham New York.

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The Langham New York Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Langham New York expensive?

With lead-in rates hovering around AU$1,009, The Langham New York is expensive but still one of the more affordable five-star hotels in the Big Apple.

What is the restaurant at The Langham New York called?

The Langham New York’s restaurant is Ai Fiori and specialises in premium Italian classics.

Where is The Langham New York?

The Langham New York is located on Fifth Avenue between W 36th and W 37th.

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