This Italian Mountainside Hotel Is A Minimalist Masterpiece

Brutalist architecture took over the design landscape during the second half of last century, defining itself as bold, bare and boxed concrete against urban backdrops. It was exposed and raw – its still-standing remnants hardly trigger feelings of beauty any longer, if they ever did initially.

Today, however, the architectural take on what was once considered monotone and drab has now become a staple of this new-age style of hotels. In a very similar boxed and minimal structure to the anomaly on the Mornington Peninsular that is the Jackalope Hotel, the Ballguthof Hotel in Northern Italy finds its home at the base of Monte Viglio, in stark contrast to its colourful alpine surrounds.

Brainchild of the Italian architects Bergmeisterwolf, the hotel’s harsh exterior is directly contrasted by its luxe interior which boasts furnishings of mostly wood, exuding warmer, earthly vibes throughout. This simple decor sandwiches the harsh concrete exterior between the lush orchards and vineyards enclosing the property.