Airbnb For Swimming Pools ‘Swimply’ Has Launched In Australia

Airbnb For Swimming Pools ‘Swimply’ Has Launched In Australia

There’s nothing better than a taking a dip on a hot summers day, but sometimes an hour’s drive to the beach or hanging at the local swimming pool that’s overrun with children doesn’t quite cut the mustard. 

Well, now anyone can borrow their own swimming pool thanks to pool-sharing app Swimply.

The brainchild of 22-year-old American Bunim Laskin, Swimply came about when Laskin discovered his parents paid his next-door neighbour to let him and his 11 siblings swim in her pool. Realising there was money to be made renting out pools, Laskin started the app-based business in New Jersey this past July. Since then, Swimply has grown to include New York, Los Angeles, Miami and now Australia amongst its areas of operation.

“Australians love the outdoors and with the country’s long summers we are excited to be able to democratise the pool experience so every Australian can enjoy affordable access to this summertime luxury,” Laskin said in a statement.

Airbnb For Swimming Pools ‘Swimply’ Has Launched In Australia

Similar to the way Airbnb works, people list their pool and charge an hourly rate for people to take a dip. The average rate seems to be between $30-$40 with most pools open to any age group. To make sure the pools are up to scratch, a local maintenance company is tasked with checking the pool follows all health and safety protocols before it can be listed.

Each pool up for grabs includes a small description, the dimensions of the pool, a number of photographs and any amenities available, such as towels, bathroom facilities, change room and Wi-Fi. There’s also a section for host rules, another that details how many people are allowed at one time and whether the pool is suitable for children and infants.

Despite only going live yesterday there are already a number of pools on offer across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with this rooftop infinity pool in Brisbane’s Teneriffe the pick of the bunch. 

Swimply is available on both Apple and Android.

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