‘The Ultimate Ski Book’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

The Ultimate Ski Book

Whether you’re looking for the longest run in the Andes or the world’s greatest haunts for après-ski enthusiasts, chances are you’ll find all the details in The Ultimate Ski Book: Legends, Resorts, Lifestyle & More. A tome completely dedicated to the mighty mountain-sport, the 256-page book is the latest from skiing expert Gabriella Le Breton and German luxury publisher teNeues, aimed at illustrating just why skiing is more than a hobby or a seasonal sport.

More than 150 archival images and grand heli-skiing photos have been curated for this diverse study of the lifestyle and history surrounding skiing, illustrating some of the world’s most majestic descents, luxurious resorts, and prestigious chalets. Various ski superstars and influential figures, like cover-star Jean-Claude Killy, have come onboard to help bring the book to life, making it a genuine exploration of how deep ski culture runs throughout the world.

Given Le Breton has regularly written about skiing throughout her career, penning articles on the culture for the likes of Conde Nast Traveller and Vanity Fair, positioning her as the perfect guide to pull together such a comprehensive exploration of the sport, the art, and the influence it has had on the way many ski enthusiasts live their lives today.

Even the most memorable ski fashion throughout history are tracked in between exclusive pro tips and playful discussions on everything from the most legendary hut in the world to the world’s best makers of boots and bindings. Nothing slides off the snow-covered peak when it comes to the evolution of the ski lifestyle.

What has grown to become one of the most beloved forms of adventure travel, dating back to early Alpine pioneers and running through today’s world-class professionals, doubles as a piece of pure escapism to have sitting on your coffee table.

The Ultimate Ski Book