The 5 Most Luxe Australian Open Experiences For 2019
— Updated on 10 January 2022

The 5 Most Luxe Australian Open Experiences For 2019

— Updated on 10 January 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

When it comes to the hierarchy of domestic sporting events, the Australian Open sits right at the top (fight me in the comments). And while the majority of us are happy enough to spectate from the comfort of our own lounge rooms, there’s a more exclusive view of the courts on offer for an exceptional few. Exclusive views that would be a privilege to taste just once in anyone’s lifetime. 

Here are the five most luxe experiences one can enjoy at the Australian Open.

On Court Seating

Courtside seating allows guests to view matches at such a close proximity, they get to feel beads of sweat being flung towards them at top serving speeds of 200 KMPH. Sweat can travel at a distance six metres easy, right?

Available for all twenty-five sessions of centre court play, the seating is actually just one aspect of this entire experience. Guests are treated to a delectable three-course meal in the AO lounge before taking their seat for the first serve. 

Each session is limited to twelves guests.

Green Room access

It’s like I’ve always said: if the outside is so damn great, then why did humans spend so many thousand years perfecting the indoor? 

Enter: the Green Room experience.

For six hours, guests will be able to spectate from a backstage suite. In addition to a rare in-person glimpse of players making their way onto the court, this dedicated viewing area provides a grazing menu to fill those awkward silences where you find yourself mingling with fellow guests (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages included). 

If you stick around long enough, you’ll even be able to witness some post-match shenanigans.


Like the Green Room experience, the Superbox experience exists for those who want to enjoy a match up close without being subjected to the harsh condition of the outside world… only bigger, better, and here’s the key importance, more private.

Settle in for an entire session of play in a reserved space as both you and your guests are catered to (tailored food and beverage options included).  

Chef Series

A selection of chefs will be presenting “… incredible personalised dining experiences…” in a series of showcases. This year, the lineup of award-winning culinary masters will include:

  • Simone Zanoni (from the Michelin-starred Georges V, Four Seasons France)
  • Alejandro Saravia (from Farmer’s Daughters, Gippsland)
  • Albert Roux (from the Michelin-starred Le Gavroche, London)
  • Duncan Welgemoed (from Africola, Adelaide) 

Each chef will be available for a limited run of three nights only. 

Show Court Finals dinner

And now we arrive at the matter of Show Court Finals dinner.

As the AO website itself outlines, “… what better way to finish your Australian Open experience than with the exclusive opportunity to dine on-court…”? 

Put on your Sunday best and enjoy some “first class food” at centre court of Rod Laver Arena alongside tennis legends. Entertainment as well as special guest appearances included (and perhaps even the stray Will Ferrell sighting… probably not Kevin Spacey anymore, though…). Guests will also receive a Rod Laver Arena ticket in a category of their choosing.

Tickets for these hospitality/lounge experience packages are now on sale. General admission tickets will be available from October 9th.

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