Breathtaking Footage Shows Hundreds Of Sharks Feeding Next To Surfers

Here it is. The video that goes with my recent shark images. The dark black shape you will see a millions of little fish. I have also had time to look at my original images that I’ll share tomorrow. @inthesea2017

Posted by Sean Scott Photography on Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Over the past week or so you may have come across some images of sharks surfing through waves close to bodyboarders in Western Australia. If not, you can check out the incredible photographs that have been doing the rounds at the bottom of this article.

The man responsible for the shots, Australian ocean photographer Sean Scott, has been releasing the images via his Instagram page as teasers for actual footage of the event. Last night Sean finally released the footage (above) and it is nothing short of insane.

The footage was captured over the course of three days at Red Bluff on the West Australian Coast, as over 200 Bronze Whaler sharks fed close to shore on millions of bait fish. As this was happening Sean says that people were surfing, swimming and even spearfishing, all nearby.

The Burleigh Heads local has described the event as one of the most breathtaking moments of nature he has ever witnessed, and we are inclined to agree.

Sean apparently still has further images to release from the feeding frenzy. Until then you can follow @seanscottphotography and @inthesea2017 to see more of his surreal work.