Steadfast Rules For Throwing The Ultimate NYE House Party
— Updated on 28 September 2021

Steadfast Rules For Throwing The Ultimate NYE House Party

— Updated on 28 September 2021
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A night out on New Year’s Eve can be fun – for a couple of years or so. After a while, you’re bound to get a bit tired of the over-crowded bars, the over-priced drinks and the over-all hyped expectations that tend to come with a New Year’s Eve out on the city. If you’re looking to try something different and epic, a house party is your answer, particularly when well executed. 

Here’s our house party guide for hosting the ultimate New Year’s Eve banger. It’s time to step your house party game from back in your uni days up a level or two.


If you’re going to have champagne, have enough of it. In fact, have more than enough of it as there’s really no such thing as too much bubbly. Along with champagne, you’ll need champagne glasses. There are some good, classy options out there that won’t break the bank nor will they break on your floor (read: durable and cheap).

Aside from champagne, make it your objective to source three other drink options that will please your guests and keep them out of the kitchen. There’s nothing worse than a drunk bloke playing bartender all across your countertops, leaving surfaces that stick with vodka well into the new year. Your best bet is to prepare a pre-mixed, self-serve cocktail, have some beers in a bathtub or cooler, and have a few cases of wine ready for the pouring. If your house party budget is the type that allows for a bartender then, by all means, go for it.


Don’t even attempt dinner food. New Year’s Eve parties typically start late enough for you to not worry about dinner, but snacks will always be appreciated. After long hours of drinking, having some chips and dip on supply is a great idea. 


This is not one to leave until the last minute. Gone are the days of tame 21st parties featuring some average D-floor action thanks for an AUX cord and your mate’s brother’s iPhone. It’s time to sort out some proper decks and speakers. Not only does this kick-start any party vibes, but it also takes away any authority a guest might think they have to take over the music. Get a DJ – pay him, call in a favour, or even line up your mates with hour-long sets to rotate through the evening. Get said DJ to bring proper speakers, call in a favour or even hire your own if you need to. You should also keep the dance floor tight.

If your party simply isn’t going to be this large, have speakers and a playlist sorted ahead of time. We like the Google Home Max here at the office because, though it works well as a personal assistant of sorts, it can also pack quite the punch in terms of volume and clarity for any apartment or unit. Sonos is also producing some high-quality speakers in some fun limited time colours. Good ideas of things to add to your Christmas wishlist, also.

The Party Tricks

Watermelon kegs – Exactly what it sounds like. Hollowed out watermelons filled with fruity alcoholic goodness and then tapped. 

Actual beer kegs – They’re not cheap, but they’ll make sure you’ll no one’s drink is empty all night.

Pool floats – It’s summer for New Year’s Eve in Australia, which means that a pool or body of water isn’t far off. A couple of inflatable flamingos or the like will be a surefire hit for anyone who decides to go for a dip.

Sparklers – Depending on the crowd obviously but it’s a great one to have on standby.

Lights – Both for the D-floor and the house’s surrounds. Some re-adapted Christmas lights inside require very little effort but yield great ambience results.

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