The Holey Moley Crew Are Opening An Augmented-Reality Darts Bar In Sydney

La Di Darts

Funlab, the team behind Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, Strike Bowling, and Holey Moley, are targeting their next venture by bringing the nascent augmented-reality darts trend to Sydney for the first time. The city, which now has more gaming venues than nightclubs, has already demonstrated a deep love for the company’s niche brands, particularly putt-putting mecca Holey Moley, so it seems La Di Darts is poised to become a hit.

Located under the definitive coke sign in Darlinghurst and right next to Funlab’s most popular Holey Moley outpost, La Di Darts looks like a far cry from the sticky-floored pubs where you’d usually be flinging some darts. According to the scarce details released ahead of its March 18 opening, the space will look like it’s been ripped from a set of The Great Gatsby, with themed private booths and a decidedly “old school” fit-out contrasted with the modern take on darts. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating will be spread across the venue, which will most likely have some sort of direct access to Holey Moley so you can swing between the two when you inevitably get tired of throwing gamified darts.

The whole AR darts process seems to work as you’d expect. At La Di Darts you’d get a projected field of play with a traditional dartboard pop up in front of you, where you’d then throw competition darts and try to hit a bullseye. The whole digital approach introduces a nice bit of variety to the game, where you can also personalise your experience while competing with up to 6 mates, all of whom can make their own digital avatars to appear on the big screen. Scores are captured electronically in real-time.

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Initially, four different games will be available ranging from ‘Killer’ and ‘Disco Wall’ to ‘Robin Hood,’ the latter of which will have the dartboard designed as an archery target.

A fully-stocked bar will also feature at La Di Da, primarily serving cocktails with punny names like ‘The Bullseye’ as well as variations on classics like the La Di Da Negroni which is served in a hip flask alongside a short glass with ice. Food will come from online business Rando Sandos, who also take care of the food and snacks at Funlab’s other venues.

Given the Holey Moley concept took off and propelled Funlab to open several venues up and down the east coast of Australia, it’s likely we’ll be seeing more of La Di Darts as a national brand. That is if playing digital darts while buzzed on flask negronis can prove as engaging as drunken putt-putt. The jury’s still out on that one, but we’ll soon find out when doors fling open for the public on Friday 18th March.

Bookings at La Di Dart come with a private booth and either 60 or 90-minute sessions priced from $17 per person.

Address: 82-94 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point, NSW 2011