What Makes The Ultimate Adventure?
— Updated on 15 June 2021

What Makes The Ultimate Adventure?

— Updated on 15 June 2021
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Boss Hunting

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Have you ever asked yourself ‘what am I doing with my life?’

Humans are odd creatures. We live on this minuscule rock (earth), floating in outer space, charging through the universe at over 1.9 million km/h trying to find meaningful, individual significance amidst an array of irrelevance.

As the clock on our life starts, we search high and low for experiences that will give us a sense of enjoyment, value and perhaps an understanding of who we are. Life ticks away, merely a blink in the age of the universe.

The best part is that we won the lotto, overcoming insanely small odds to be placed on this earth with only one chance to do it the way we want.

For most of you, you’re blessed with the opportunity to earn a wage, take risks, build a company if you please, go home everyday and eat.

On top of that, our planet has been inundated with phenomenal landscapes, scenery, people and ideas, paving the way for a framework of endless opportunities and adventures begging to be taken by you.

In partnership with Pulsar, who firmly believe that ‘every second is a new challenge’ we sat down and pondered on the idea of what makes the ultimate adventure. We thought it would be appropriate to turn to the people we look up to, those who have and are owning their lives, creating, and inspiring every day. From adventurers, musicians, and businessmen; to party boys, athletes, visionaries and leaders, this is what we discovered:

Challenge yourself

World renowned authors and ambassadors of self-betterment and progression, such as Tony Robbins, John Demartini and Tim Ferris, all draw on the common theme of challenging yourself and approaching your fears in order to grow. Fear generally stems from a limiting belief, a thought that you have chosen to accept and allowed to limit your progression in life. Acknowledging these fears then approaching this discomfort is one of the key methods to growing as a human and reaping the fruits of life.

Follow your heart

I’m sure you’ve heard Alan Watts, one of the most legendary Philosophers and critical thinkers of all time, pose the question ‘what would you do if money were no object?’ (if you haven’t check this clip out).

Living in a fast-paced society, having to process ridiculous amounts of data each day, as well as dealing with the external and internal expectations put on us, it can be quite easy to lose focus of what’s important to you, the things that make you tick.

It can be too easy to pick a career path that ‘makes sense’, it’s logical, secure, high-paying and not pursue a deeper desire due to some inherent fear. By following your heart, your raw instinct, it allows us to pursue the adventures and experiences we were born to pursue.

Add value to people’s lives

This is a realisation that has transcended thousands of years, a thought that has stemmed from a place of clarity and understanding. Some of the world’s best thinkers from Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, have all realised that compassion and empathy are fundamental to human existence.

Buddha said ‘By not harming living beings one is called Noble’, Jesus spoke to ‘ Do unto others as you would have them do unto’ – such words have, whether explicit or implicit, been displayed by some of the most successful people to ever live.

It promotes this virtuous cycle, where you add value to someone’s life, and they will feel indebted to repay the favour and add value to your life. Expand this on a mass scale and you have a group of people striving to add value to your life and surrounding people. Apply this to your own adventure of a life and you can’t help but think each second will then have extra value added to it.

Source: Sarah Lee

Be present and enjoy the journey

What do one of the biggest snowboarding, adventure pioneers and two world-renowned authors have in common?

Being present.

Snowboarding King, Jeremy Jones, often talks of the difficulty of some of his expeditions with the key to fulfillment being to focus and enjoy the journey more so than the destination.

Best-selling authors, Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) and Dale Carnegie (How to Stop Worrying and Start Living), each made millions by each sharing their realisations, which have since transformed the lives of millions, ridding many of deep-seeded anxieties and depression. The authors were separated by 80 years of time, yet both drew on the same conclusions.

Their emphasis lies in focussing on today, being really good at this moment, making baby steps towards the bigger goals, drawing your attention to the sights, smells and touches around you, in turn silencing the constant internal monologue. It is pearls of wisdom like these that allow those willing to embrace life to reap its benefits, while pursuing and enjoying their wildest adventures which were once just thoughts.

Time’s ticking, what’s your next adventure?

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