Imagine accidentally ordering one of these bad boys.

I once ordered an Uber Black just for the hell of it. It was cool, I suppose, but you'd have to be another level of pretentious to ride in them consistently.

Uber Choppers, however - the ride-share giant's party trick they bring to Melbourne to ferry the city's elite from party to party - would be a much more fun story to tell. Wouldn't that be an epic drunk purchase for your Saturday afternoon?

Said party trick returns today for Derby Day and will operate across all four days of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Punters can book a ride on demand directly through the app, just as they would a normal UberX. The flights operate between Flemington and Crown Casino in each direction and take a mere 5 minutes. 

The ultimate baller mode of transport costs $1000 for up to six seats, which really isn't that bad if you get up on the punt during the day. Open your Uber app now for more.


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