The World Looks Stunning In These Photography Competition Winners

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These days, it can be easy to forget there is beauty in the world. With so much going on as quickly as it does, sometimes you need to step back and appreciate the view. And by God, the view really does look stunning in these award-winning shots.

Skypixel and DJI have just announced the winners of its aerial photography competition that took place last year. Categories were divided in landscape, portrait, and story, with a further divide between professional and enthusiast. The images showcased the world as you’ve always known it, but not as you’ve ever seen it.

The grand prize was awarded to the image being featured for this article, “Above the Polar Bear“. The chilling and serene pic was snapped up by one Florian Ledoux. The photographer took this opportunity to use the given platform for a greater purpose, advocating environmental consciousness.

“Dear future generation, I hope we will still be able to see the Arctic wildlife as we do now,” says Ledoux.

“It is threatened as the environment is changing. I was able to witness many scenes of wildlife and I can guarantee you this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

A noble gesture indeed.

Browse the gallery above for some more winners that caught our eye. And follow the link here to view the full list of winners.