Where is it written that you have to spend your money with class instead of blowing it on the extravagant and the unnecessary? Wherever this tenant is so inscribed, a one Dan Bilzerian clearly hasn't taken the time to skim over it. 

The professional poker player, Navy SEAL washout, and much-discussed internet personality first shot into international stardom a few years back, as many of you will recall. Since then, Bilzerian has taken a more laid back approach to his personal publicity, being mired in less controversy... but that doesn't mean his lifestyle has gotten any less low-key.

In this tour of his Las Vegas mansion, we get an inside look of Bilzerian's uh... brand consistent digs. Everything from a personal urinal, to an animal carcass chandelier, wardrobes of cargo shorts on cargo shorts, assault rifles, and yes, a draw full of condoms. I honestly don't know what else I'd expected, but here we are.

Check out the full video above.