Arnold Schwarzenegger To Star In A Spy Series

In keeping with the growing trend of actors who have traditionally been a mainstay of feature films migrating to television and serialised content, Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced his upcoming return to screens will involve the smaller ones. More specifically, Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in his very own TV series about a globe-trotting spy on CBS.

Created by Nick Santora – the man behind another CBS property Scorpion, showrunner of Amazon’s Jack Reacher – according to Deadline, this is the former governor of California’s first major foray into scripted television (in terms of unscripted, you may recall he had a stint on Celebrity Apprentice). And one which will be quite the endeavour given its hourlong episodic format.

At this moment, little is known about the developing project itself aside from the fact Schwarzenegger will indeed be portraying the international spy in question, as well as the fact there will be some sort of narrative angle regarding the spy’s daughter – who has not yet been cast. The hope? It’s more of a Taken/Leon: The Professional deal than it is, oh I don’t know, My Spy with Dave Bautista.

Santora will be joined by David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Bill Bost – all serving as Executive Producers; in addition to Schwarzenegger himself. Because let’s face it… how could you possibly get an icon like Arnie to sign on without giving the man an EP credit at this stage of his storied career?

Stay tuned for more details about the Arnold Schwarzenegger TV series.