Friday Sharpeners Season 4 Episode 23: A Lockdown Special Featuring Rhys Dudley

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You asked, we delivered. A pandemic (and a shambles of a vaccine rollout) won’t stop two socially distanced blokes from recording an interim episode, with James and John filling the void after Sydney slipped back into lockdown last week. We take a few positives out of the return to a slower-paced existence, as well as unpack Amazon’s Luxe Listings, which drops today on Prime Video with FS alumni, Gavin Rubinstein.

To cap things off, John dials into Melbourne Airport where podcast listener and airline pilot Rhys Dudley is enjoying a quick 20hr quarantine turnaround before heading back to Dubai. Rhys gives us some perspective on Australia’s closed borders from 36,000 feet and how his job has evolved since March last year. Enjoy (Garry will be back next week).

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