Herman Miller & Logitech Unveil The Rolls-Royce Of Gaming Chairs

Herman Miller Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair

If you’re going to play, play to win. Like Herman Miller and Logitech G, who have cleanly secured the dub with their latest Embody gaming chairs, which takes intelligent design to all-new heights.

As one of the “most-researched gaming chairs” in the world, Herman Miller and Logitech G’s labour of love eschews all the usual bells and whistles of next-level gaming chairs – i.e. “zero-gravity” set-up, built-in screens, heating + massage functions, etc. – for something that simply provides what you need.

Conceptualised by over 30 physicians and PhDs in every field from ergonomics, physical therapy, biomechanics, and even vision, the Embody gaming chair carries patented PostureFit technology, which allows you to mimic your standing posture – or your “strongest position”, according to Herman Miller – even when seated. Effectively, this alleviates any physical stress you may face in any other chair, lowering fatigue, and of course, increases the comfort factor by a notable margin.

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But this throne of kings isn’t a one-trick pony. As you can imagine, after running the gamut of scrutiny from an entire line-up of top-tier academics, the chair can be adjusted into a multitude of configurations to provide a truly bespoke experience. From seat height to seat depth, backfit adjustment to armrest height and width, whether you’re leaning forward in the zone or taking a break in a nice recline, the Embody has quite literally got your back.

And just because logging in those ranked sessions is stressful business, it even comes with a copper-fused cooling foam to keep the heat away from your body and strictly on the digital action.

The Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody gaming chairs are now available to purchase for a hefty US$1,495 (AU$1,930) – think of it as a professional investment.

Herman Miller Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair
Herman Miller Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair