$10,000 Is Up For Grabs In This Month’s NBA 2K21 ANZ Tournament
— 12 August 2021

$10,000 Is Up For Grabs In This Month’s NBA 2K21 ANZ Tournament

— 12 August 2021

Being a fan of 2K Sports’ popular virtual basketball franchise is often a thankless task. You put up with overpowered player builds, spend way too much money in order to make MyTeam even playable, and squander hours of your life pretending to be LeBron James – just to do it all again the following year. Today, dear readers, all those hard hours may quite literally pay off. PlayStation Australia has announced the launch of the NBA 2K21 ANZ Tournament taking place throughout August for PlayStation 4 gamers across Australia and New Zealand.

The tournament will have prizing opportunities for participation and for wins, with a total $10,000 pool consisting of PS Store Gift Cards, NBA 2K22 virtual currency, NBA store vouchers, NBA League Pass, as well as a variety of NBA merch. PlayStation Australia has also put up an elusive PS5 console up for grabs, should you prove to be successful in their tournament.

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A series of four qualifiers will take place to determine who is eligible for the finals which will commence on August 29th.

  • First Qualifier on 16 August at 16:45 PM [AEST]
  • Second Qualifier on August 20 at 16:45 PM [AEST]
  • Third Qualifier on 23 August at 16:45 PM [AEST]
  • Fourth Qualifier on 26 August at 16:45 PM [AEST]

Even if you are completely rubbish at the game, it might still be worth tossing your hat in the ring. After all, placing a lowly 8th in a qualifier will still score you a $50 PlayStation Store Gift Card, and simply registering will automatically place your name in the draw for that PS5.

And of course, there’s also the consolation prize for losing, which comes in the form of telling the 12-year-old that beat you to “go to school” and that his generation “doesn’t know real basketball.” You literally cannot lose here.

Players can register for the NBA 2K21 ANZ Tournament by hitting the link below or via their own PS4 console.

NBA 2K21 ANZ Tournament

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