You Can Now Cop An Official Formula 1 Simulator Cockpit
— 29 March 2024

You Can Now Cop An Official Formula 1 Simulator Cockpit

— 29 March 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Throughout the years, we’ve seen some pretty damn impressive racing sims. But now, Formula 1 has partnered with Playseat to produce “exclusive and bespoke” official licensed products for gamers — including an incredibly authentic simulator — to settle the conversation of who’s #1 once and for all.

Applying over two decades of hard-earned knowledge, Playseat has worked in close collaboration with actual F1 drivers and professional sim racers alike to craft something that “feels exactly like a real Formula 1 cockpit.”

The result is a cutting-edge, finely tuned, and fully immersive official Formula 1 simulator that promises to deliver a best-in-class virtual experience that promises unprecedented stability and adjustability. It’s also designed to handle the most powerful direct drive equipment on the market; as well as a genuine racing position “verified and endorsed by real F1 drivers” like three-time world champion Max Verstappen (see: below).

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Other notable features include the following:

  • Genuine Racing Pu Leather,
  • Integrated VESA Monitor Mount compatible with most gaming monitors,
  • Flex-free framework for maximum stability, immersion, & comfort,
  • Flex-free pedal plate for maximum braking control,
  • Compatible with all steering wheels, pedals, & consoles.

“We are always looking for new ways to bring Formula 1 to our audience, whether that’s by creating unforgettable moments at a Grand Prix or engaging with the sport away from the track,” said Emily Prazer, Formula 1’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“Our partnership with Playseat will provide gamers with a bespoke, innovative, and realistic racing experience to bring the action a step closer to home.”

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Playseat Founder & President Fernando Smit added: “With over 25 years of research and development with real F1 drivers, Playseat has become the undisputed standard in delivering unrivalled realism.”

“We have always strived to bring racing to the people and now we can bring the true F1 racing experience and racing position to everyone around the world.”

The Playsteat Formula Intelligence simulator rig is currently available in four distinct colourways — red, black, Red Bull Racing, and F1 — for the not-so-low price of €2,499 ($4,150). The steering wheel, pedals, and console/computer are sold separately.

Find out more below.

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