You Can Now Play Super Smash Bros Melee Online

There must be something in the water, because classic video game bangers seem to be getting revived left, right, and centre recently. Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remastered and Skate 4 on consoles, Counter-Strike 1.6 on web browsers, and now, Super Smash Bros Melee will be available to access for online play.

A team of straight-up legends have ported the hit release via Nintendo GameCube emulator, Dolphin. Paired with a program known as Slippi – which makes online connectivity and subsequent matchmaking possible – you can effectively engage in a hearty nostalgia session whenever you please. Yes, if you feel so inclined, even at your work station.

What you’ll experience is everything you know and love about the old days, duking it out on a platform, chaining those combos, but with the added advantage of improved graphics – as expected from this day and age – as well as an entire litany of added functionality that’s slowly being introduced. I won’t spoil the surprise(s)…

Currently, Super Smash Bros Melee online is still being fine-tuned. But you can find out how to start playing today – as well as other pertinent info – in the comprehensive announcement video below. Though I will say, be prepared for a bit of a fiddly set-up process