The 10 Best Movies Of All Time (According To Quentin Tarantino)

The 10 Best Movies Of All Time (According To Quentin Tarantino)

It almost goes without saying that director Quentin Tarantino is someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to filmmaking. Producing works which have entire defined eras of cinema, setting the standard many have strived to meet and many more have failed to even glance – his word is pretty much gospel in this regard. But what films do Quentin Tarantino himself consider to be among the best moves of all time?

In a previous interaction with Empire Magazine, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood director scribbled down a few of his personal favourites. Check it out below.

1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), dir. Sergio Leone

2. Rio Bravo (1959), dir. Howard Hawks

3. Blow Out (1981), dir. Brian De Palma

4. Taxi Driver (1976), dir. Martin Scorsese

5. His Girl Friday (1940), dir. Howard Hawks

6. Five Fingers of Death / King Boxer (1972), dir. Jeong Chang-Hwa

7. Pandora’s Box (1929), dir. G. W. Pabst

8. Carrie (1976), dir. Brian De Palma

9. Unfaithfully Yours (1948), dir. Preston Sturges

10. Five Graves to Cairo (1943) dir. Billy Wilder

The 10 Best Movies Of All Time (According To Quentin Tarantino)

And as a bonus selection, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975) was crammed in at #11. Clearly, he couldn’t just stick to the agreed-upon ten format.

It’s also worth noting that these picks were chosen all the way back in 2008. His opinion may have changed since then – apparently having voted for alternate works such as Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979), Richard Linklater’s Dazed & Confused (1993), and Michael Ritchie’s The Bad News Bears (1976) in a 2012 poll.

Additionally, many a quality release has graced the silver screens since then. Case in point, more recently, Tarantino stated his belief that both David Fincher’s The Social Network (2010) and Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk (2017) were the best films of the last decade. Whether they’re good enough to edge out some of his original top ten/eleven, however, is anyone’s guess.