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‘Kill Bill 3’ Is Back On The Cards, Baby

For almost two decades, Quentin Tarantino has been dangling the prospect of Kill Bill 3 / Kill Bill: Volume 3….

‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Novel Will Arrive In 2021

This year has been the perfect occasion to strike out at alternate projects. In the case of director Quentin Tarantino,…

The 10 Best Movies Of All Time (According To Quentin Tarantino)

It almost goes without saying that director Quentin Tarantino is someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes…

Quentin Tarantino Calls The Social Network Best Film Of Last Decade

In a recent interview with Premiere, Quentin Tarantino has called The Social Network “hands down” the best film of the…

The Day The World Missed Out On A Quentin Tarantino James Bond Film

Former 007 vessel, Pierce Brosnan – yes, I know that’s an infinitely weird way of phrasing it – has revealed…

Quentin Tarantino Movie Reviews

Quentin Tarantino Has Been Quietly Reviewing Films Online

In today’s instalment of wholesome news, Quentin Tarantino has been keeping busy in isolation by reviewing his favourite films. Films…

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This ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Documentary Takes You Behind-The-Scenes

Half an hour well spent, IMO.

Quentin Tarantino Is Directing A ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Spin-Off For TV

“I ended up writing five half-hour episodes. So I’ll do them, and I will direct all of them.”

Tarantino Says ‘Kill Bill 3’ Is Definitely On His To-Do List

The return of The Bride could be Tarantino’s final film.

All The ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Filming Locations You Can Tick Off In LA

Tarantino and his crew transported many of the iconic locations across Tinseltown back to their 1960’s glory.

Quentin Tarantino Creates Spotify Playlist With His Favourite Songs From His Films

Including the Stealer Wheel’s classic “Stuck In The Middle With You” from ‘Reservoir Dogs’

Quentin Tarantino Developing A Django/Zorro Crossover Film

The directing genius has recruited comedian Jerrod Carmichael for this unlikely pairing of fictional heroes.