WATCH: Tom Hardy Fronts A Seriously Mean Mug In ‘Capone’

WATCH: Tom Hardy Fronts A Seriously Mean Mug In ‘Capone’

Full disclosure – we’re not sure what to make of this one. When the first images of Tom Hardy in full makeup appeared roughly two years ago, we were unbelievably excited. But now that the trailer for Capone is actually here, it’s a bit of a question mark.

Perhaps it has something to do with managing expectations. Seeing Hardy being unrecognisable set the bar above the stratosphere. And it’s unclear whether the initial hype has overshadowed the trailer, or if the trailer truly is just – bland. Milquetoast, if you will.

Or maybe it has something to do with finding out this joint has been written and directed by Josh Trank, of all people. The dude responsible for such watershed cinematic moments as the Fantastic Four reboot and Chronicle. Works that were fine when we (read: I) was 15… not so much in the present day.

Capone will be a biographical venture following the infamous crime lord Al Capone post 11-year prison sentence. From what we’ve seen in the trailer itself, this is the stage in his life where he’s suffering from dementia and syphilis; and there’s apparently a hidden stash of cash involved.

Joining Hardy will be Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, Jack Lowden, and Noel Fisher. As previously mentioned, Capone has been written and directed by Josh Trank – potential yikes – with music accomplished by one half of Run the Jewels, El-P (real name: Jaime Meline). Interesting choice.

Given no one is coming anywhere near a cinema in COVID-19 induced lockdown, Capone will be released via video-on-demand by May 12th of this year.

Watch the full trailer above and make a judgement call for yourself.