— 20 April 2023

Jason Momoa Blows Up The Vatican In The Latest ‘Fast X’ Trailer

— 20 April 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Family is still everything and Jason Momoa is evil enough to blow up The Vatican in the brand-new trailer for Fast X, the tenth and penultimate film in the long-running and increasingly ludicrous Fast & Furious film series.

It’s now expected that a Fast & Furious trailer will be as overblown and outlandish as possible to try and convince fans to turn in yet again to see Dominic Taretto (Vin Diesel) stop at nothing to protect his fictional familia while still managing to work in a street race here and there. And while there’s nothing as hilariously ridiculous as F9 heading to space, director Louis Leterrier and writers Justin Lin, Zach Dean and Dan Mazeau clearly think having Momoa’s villainous Dante Reyes blow up one of the most famous religious landmarks in the world, The Vatican, one-ups anything F&F has thrown at us before.

Because that’s really what the drawn-out series has devolved into over the years. A series of high-value, high-gloss production values and action tropes framing a constant game of upping the ante as opposed to telling a cohesive story. Yet, despite any misgivings about the outrageous nature of Fast & Furious, Fast X still looks like a very entertaining outing for this all-star cast, which includes all the returning faces as well as a few guest appearances like:

  • John Cena as Dom’s brother Jakob Toretto
  • Jason Statham as the highly-skilled Deckard Shaw
  • Helen Mirren as Magdalene “Queenie” Ellmanson-Shaw
  • Gal Gadot as Gisele Yashar; depending on which version of the film is eventually screened
  • Plus Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner; purely through cameo-style flashbacks

Explosions, fast cars and a giant Deathstar-esque object ramming through the streets of Rome fuel the second Fast X trailer but it’s really the rote dialogue that always makes these previews worth watching. Although unlike the first Fast X trailer, Diesel has toned down the family talk and left F&F’s extensive glossary to Momoa’s slick threats as he makes moves to eliminate the Fast & Furious crew as revenge for the death of his drug kingpin father, Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida).

Momoa’s Dante isn’t the only new cast member to join the growing Fast & Furious staple. We also get to see Dom’s grandmother, played by Rita Moreno (West Side Story) and rogue agent Tess (Brie Larson) join the side of the good guys while Charlize Theron returns as criminal mastermind Cyber.

Reportedly, Fast X will be the first part in a two-part series finale that’ll end up Fast & Furious 11, which only has now confirmed that Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) will be returning as the director of the very last Fast & Furious film.

Fast X hits cinemas on May 18, 2023.

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Chris Singh
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