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Fast Furious Franchise End 2023 2024 Vin Diesel

‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise Will Finally Be Put Out Of Its Misery In 2024

It’s been a long time coming with a painfully drawn-out and painfully undignified death rattle. The end, however, is finally…

Fast Furious 9 Director Justin Lin Crazy Expensive Stunt Cut 1

‘Fast & Furious’ Director Justin Lin Reveals The Insane Stunt That Was Cut

Push/pull cars using a giant mobile magnet because your kid pitched it? Yeah, fine. Swing across a gorge in a…

Fast Furious 9 Space trailer

‘Fast & Furious’ 9 Trailer Reveals The Familia Are Really Going To Space

When franchise star Michelle Rodriguez revealed Fast & Furious 9 would see Dominic Toretto’s familia take their NoS-fuelled antics to outer space,…

Vin Diesel – ‘Feel Like I Do’ Is The Gloriously Shitty Anthem 2020 Deserves

There’s a strong case to be made that 2020 is either a simulation, where every possible variable has been cranked…

Vin Diesel Believes ‘Furious 7’ Ending Is “The Best Moment In Cinematic History”

Vin Diesel recently stated in an emotional interview with NME that he believes the ending of Furious 7 is “the…

‘Fast & Furious 9’ Will See The Return Of Han Lue

“Nice clubhouse.”

Watch Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious Family Gift Him A 1650 HP Dodge Charger

When the ‘Fast & Furious’ lead actor celebrates his birthday, you can expect he’s going to get a little more than a No Frills chocolate mud cake.

Dominic Toretto’s 1,650HP Dodge Charger From ‘Fast 8’ Can Now Be Yours

American Muscle has never looked better.

‘The Fast & The Furious’ Animated Series Coming Soon To Netflix

‘The Fast & The Furious’ films might finally get its Clone Wars treatment, as Netflix announces an animated series in the works.

Watch The Epic Blooper Reel From The Fast And The Furious Franchise

Featuring some hilarious accidental car crashes, a lot of hysterical laughter and some pretty epic line stuff ups.

Fast and Furious 8 Confirmed by Vin Diesel

The next installment of the Fast and Furious serious has officially been announced for an April 2017 release.