First Look At Daniel Day-Lewis’ Rumoured Acting Finale, ‘Phantom Thread’

Daniel Day-Lewis announced his retirement from acting earlier this year after one last film. Fast forward to now, and that last film seems to be the contemplative period piece, ‘Phantom Thread’.

Set in 1950’s post-war London, Day-Lewis assumes the role of celebrated dress-maker, Reynolds Woodcock. Woodcock is at the very centre of British fashion, dressing the likes of royalty, film stars, socialites, and dames alike in his distinct style. Drawing inspiration and relying on the companionship from the numerous women that occasion his life, his routine as a confirmed bachelor comes crashing down when he meets the young and strong-willed Alma, portrayed by Vicky Krieps. This disruption to the comfortable and the known throws Woodcock into personal chaos of sorts, with a ripple effect onto his sartorial endeavours. 

This collaborative reunion between the legendary method actor and auteur of a director, Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie NightsMagnoliaThere Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice), promises to be an exercise of masterful cinematic control, as already demonstrated by the narrative and emotional restraint of the trailer.

See for yourself below.