Jason Statham & Guy Ritchie Reunite For Spy Thriller Five Eyes

The dream duo of tough-talking action star Jason Statham and inimitable directing talent Guy Ritchie are coming together for an upcoming spy thriller film titled Five Eyes. And almost immediately after (mostly) completing their fourth film together – Cash Truckwhich is currently in post-production and scheduled to release next year.

Statham will really be stretching his range for this one, set to assume the role of Orson Fortune, an MI6 operative recruited by a global intelligence alliance – the titular “Five Eyes” – and tasked with preventing some deadly new weapon that threatens to destroy the world. As these deadly new weapons tend to do. Assigned with a CIA technician, Statham must infiltrate, grimace, and although I have no idea what the film will actually be like at this point, I’m 100% certain he’ll kick the shit out of some nameless goons.

This upcoming collaboration promises to be a goodie – a statement based purely on the magic both Ritchie and Statham captured in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking BarrelsSnatch, and Revolver. And while we have yet to experience Cash Truck, the same applies. In short, expectations are high.

In addition to Ritchie as director, other confirmed involvements include Ivan Atkinson & Marn Davies (The Gentlemen, Cash Truck) who have penned the first run of Five Eyes’ screenplay. As for onscreen talent, Jason Statham appears to be the only actor officially signed on so far. Production will reportedly kick off October this year.

More to come.