Gory Neck Breaks & Pumping Knife Fights In First Trailer For ‘Upgrade’

I think the massive appeal behind such action flicks as The Matrix and The Bourne Series is that a lot of us dream about waking up with kick-ass abilities. Abilities that allow us to stomp the shit out of anyone that stands in our way, without the effort of training for years until our knuckles are bloodied and our muscles are sore. Upgrade promises to follow this tradition of suburban wish fulfilment, with a slick sci-fi concept… because of the amount of blood that’s making it so frictionless. 

So what’s the story, morning glory? As it so happens, a paraplegic man in a near-future world witnesses the murder of his wife. But when he agrees to having an experimental computer chip embedded into his spinal cord, he becomes a superhuman operative capable of insane combat skills and so forth. Obligatory avenging of his wife ensues.

This particular piece of cinema is helmed by one half of the sick genius responsible for Saw and Insidious, Leigh Whannell. And stars part-time Tom Hard lookalike, Logan Marshall-Green (I defy you to disagree with me when you see him). 

Watch the full trailer above.