‘Invincible’ Is Getting A Live-Action Film Adaptation

Invincible Movie Live Action Adaptation Amazon Prime Video

Cult favourite comic turned successful Amazon Prime Video series – Invincible – is receiving the feature-length treatment, as creator Robert Kirkman confirms a live-action movie is on the way during this year’s [email protected] event.

The man behind both the original source material and Amazon’s delightfully explicit animated series revealed the big screen adaptation was in extremely early stages of development; although Kirkman didn’t exactly offer much in the way of project details, or even what fans can expect – aside from the assurance that every effort was being made to ensure it’ll distinguish itself from the series:

“I’m not telling! This is another one of those things that’s a little early going but I will say that there are massive efforts going in to make sure that the film experience is unique [and separate from the animated series]… while also being true to Invincible. I couldn’t be more excited about the stuff that we’re doing but I can’t tell you yet.”

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Distinguishing itself from the Amazon show, however, certainly provokes a level of curiosity, especially given how the latter has been applauded for being faithful to the source material. All we know is, the moment someone mentions the Invincible movie will be more “grounded”, it could go one of two ways: a) the ultraviolence is downplayed a touch in favour of moderation and general palatability, or b) the ultraviolence will escalate to shockingly R-rated heights, even more so than what the world has already experienced.

Invincible follows 17-year-old Mark Grayson (portrayed by Steven Yuen), who is the son of the world’s most powerful superhero / Viltrumite alien, Omni-Man (portrayed by JK Simmons). Inheriting his father’s abilities – super strength, flight, invulnerability – on face value, it appears to be another vanilla coming-of-age tale about a kid living up to a parent’s greatness, and finding community within a growing network of superpowered beings. That is, until the plot takes an unexpected twist. And if you happen to be squeamish when it comes to animated gore, best avert your eyes.

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Without spoiling what’s ahead – and I personally urge you not to investigate any further online – Mark discovers daddy dearest’s legacy isn’t as clean cut as we’d assumed. As you’ll discover, this isn’t about morally-upright crimefighting, nor anything audiences have come to expect from the superhero genre outside of Amazon’s catalgoue. To put it into terms you’d understand, JK Simmons’ Omni-Man leans more towards the Homelander end of the spectrum as opposed to Clark Kent / Superman.

It goes without saying, there’ll be plenty of updates regarding the Invincible movie ahead – casting, plot details, release date, and trailers. You can watch season 1 of the Amazon Prime Video animated series below.