‘Joker’ Out-laughs ‘The Dark Knight’ As It Rockets Towards Billion Dollar Box Office Club
— Updated on 30 July 2021

‘Joker’ Out-laughs ‘The Dark Knight’ As It Rockets Towards Billion Dollar Box Office Club

— Updated on 30 July 2021

If you haven’t already seen Warner Bros. latest enthroned masterpiece Joker, I can’t tell you how much of an extraordinary film you’re missing out on, with the ratings putting Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of everyone’s favourite villain at number one.

The past few years have seen DC’s cinematic universe release an abundance of films such as Man of Steel and The Justice League, however, they haven’t exactly been met with critical acclaim and popularity as Marvel Studios’ yearly deliverance of epic on epic. DC films have consistently portrayed rather dark, ominous and aesthetically moody films that have fans asking for more buoyant and vibrant representations of their favourite heroes. 

However, the grim and emotional Joker film has been met with global adoration, despite some backlash suggesting the movie will stir and provoke crippling and menacing behaviour. Be that as it may, this has only made the film an even more of a must-see, and is appearing to be one of DC’s biggest releases to date. 


After having a huge opening weekend, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow and Bron Studios have had a knockout USD$543.9 million dollar global cash-in, with the film already beating the likes of Logan and Wonder Woman

The previous decade’s fan-favourite flick The Dark Knight is already getting a run for its money, with Joker surpassing its box-office record in Asia and Latin America after just a single weekend, having Joker creeping up as the second-best opening for DC thus far. 

The opening few days already saw Joaquin Phoenix challenge Heath Ledger for the top spot as the ‘Clown Prince of Crime’, with IMDB rating Joker a 9.1 and The Dark Knight a 9.0. In saying this, the ratings are at a constant swing between who is the best rendition of Batman’s greatest enemy, with Joker dropping to an 8.9 at the time of publishing this morning. 

Laughing past the half-billion mark, Joker is already being dubbed an eternal classic, with talks of obvious Oscar success for Phoenix. 

Will Joaquin Phoenix join Heath Ledger in an Academy-Award win? Oscar season can’t come any sooner – with Ledger still remaining as the only actor to score a win for a comic book adaptation. 

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