Netflix Drops A Trailer For ‘Money Heist’ Season 4

money heist part 4 preview netflix

Ahead of Spanish heist drama Money Heist’s return, Netflix has just released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season. A trailer that just goes to prove the crew isn’t exactly out of the woods just yet, with law enforcement getting closer and closer to nabbing the lot of them. 

This season of the international drama – titled La Casa De Papel in Spanish – promises to be a full-scale war as predicted by Tokyo at the conclusion of last season. Fans may recall this was when the Professor called DEFCON 2 and had ostensibly “fallen into his own trap”. 

In the trailer below, we get a preview of the carnage that awaits us all. Mistakes are made, tensions run high, and guns come out blazing. And as Tokyo so aptly narrates – “Everything can go to hell in a flash.”

Money Heist will be available to stream on Netflix by April the 3rd of 2020. 

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