— 4 July 2023

After Taking On Arnie, Netflix Will Now Drop A Sylvester Stallone Doco

— 4 July 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

History is defined by its greatest rivalries. This is why just weeks after Netflix released a three-part documentary about the original Hollywood multi-hyphenate, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the streamer has now announced something similar focusing on The Governator’s professional foe turned friend Sylvester Stallone.

Dubbed Sly, much like Arnold, this forthcoming affair will be a “thoughtful and intimate” examination of the Academy Award-nominated actor/writer/director/producer — from pulling himself out of legitimate poverty by crafting an iconic underdog story in Rocky to becoming a beloved screen icon who transcended the 80s and enjoyed a career for the ages.

But as you’ll soon discover, despite all his success, it hasn’t exactly been a fairytale for the big fella.

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“Do I have regrets? Hell yeah, I have regrets,” Sly himself admits in the teaser trailer above.

“What is healthier? To live under the illusion that you could have been great or actually have an opportunity to be great, and then you blow it and realise you’re a failure?”

Stallone added: “You’re ever on a train. Wham, wham! And that’s what your life is. Whoosh! Whipping by, it’s gone. Filmmaking, it comes at a great price. There’s no time for anything else.”

“Nothing inspires you more than taking your history, balling it up.”

The star of Rambo, The Expendables, and Tulsa King fame expressed similar sentiments earlier this year, partially in justification of his Paramount+ reality series The Family Stallone.

“I felt as though I wasted a lot of time. Now I realise there are only so many bullets left in the gun. Very few,” Sylvester Stallone noted during a cover story interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“When you’re young, you’re just haphazardly shooting wildly and hope you hit something. Now you don’t have the luxury of missing — especially with the family and the kids. I find that to be my biggest regret.”

“Everyone goes, ‘I wish I’d shown love more’ or ‘I wish I’d spent more time with the kids.’ I’m riding that boat. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do the reality show that I’ve been taking a lot of shit for.”

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“I thought it would be the ultimate home movie. This is a chance where I’m going to be with my kids under a work condition where they get to see me in action and I get to see them in action. What you will see is the real truth. This is a great opportunity.”

“I don’t look at it as stooping to conquer. But each time you go in a different direction, people go: ‘Oh God, you must be in [financial] trouble.’ Just the opposite.”

Netflix’s Sylvester Stallone documentary Sly hits the platform sometime in November 2023 — check out the first teaser trailer now.

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