A Breathtaking Tribute To Roger Deakins’ Incredible Career

The Shawshank Redemption. Fargo. The Big Lebowski. No Country For Old Men. Skyfall. Sicario. Bladerunner 2049

If you’ve watched one of the films listed above, or any other films with a masterfully composed wide shot in the last twenty years, chances are Roger Deakins was the man responsible for it. 

Deakins will go down in history as one of the greatest to have ever framed a scene with a whole litany of cinema grade cameras, his use of colour palettes exuding an almost impossible range of mood, atmosphere, and strangely enough, human emotions. I mean, how the hell does anyone make us feel a genuine, human emotion about the frame closing up on a tree, like the way he did in Denis Villeneuve’s Prisoners?

In the video above, watch cuts of the legendary cinematographer’s best shots, some of which will more than definitely immortalise him in the world of cinema and beyond. 

Check it out.